How to choose sea fishing Bait


In sea fishing, the choice of false bait fishing has unique advantages and fishing fun for catching ferocious sea fish. In the breakwater or slope reef, rock edge and other fishing points, we need to take the horizontal drag of false bait to avoid hanging bottom, should choose shallow submersible floating road. Change the rhythm by pulling on the surface of the water to lure the target fish to the hook.

In the deep field or have outcropping reef, reef fishing point, choose large tongue plate deep dive floating false bait.

Suspension type is characterized by suspension in any depth of the water, using this feature we can use the method of dragging layer by layer in the water to search for the target fish, at this time because of manipulation operation of the bait simulated injured and dying small bait fish to lure the target fish on the hook.

When the wind is strong and the tide is high, the false bait with large weight and fast sinking speed should be selected to facilitate long casting and fast reaching the target fishing layer. When locating the bottom shoal as a target fish, a submerged bait such as a lead hook or iron glitter is preferred, but care should be taken to prevent the bait from hanging on the bottom.