Tips on string fishing


The greatest advantage of the hook is that after the hook is cast into the fishing spot, the upper, middle and lower levels of the bait are available, and we can catch fish in different levels at the same time. Although string hook has the above advantages, but it is also like other fishing methods, vulnerable to temperature, bait, season, climate and other factors, so that fish eat hook become slow or no fish bite hook, how to change this state? The author thinks that can start from the following ways:

First, do nest after fishing: fishing with string hook is not like the bomb hook, can be caught while fishing, even if the frequency of the immediate bite hook is poor, the fish will be more and more because the fishing point has bait. But hook bait effect, especially for those face big fish thin lakes, fishing hook, must be cast bait nest. We are unlikely to attract and retain the fish in the fishing spot if we rely only on the small amount of bait on the hook.

Two, the difference between morning and evening pole: fish have the habit of warming, like to perch at the bottom of the water body in the morning and evening. If the hook is set in the morning, the closer the bait is to the bottom, the more likely the fish will bite the hook. When there is no fish bite hook, anglers can change the Angle of the support according to the depth of the fishing waters, and try to make the hook bait close to the floating layer of the fish, so as to facilitate the discovery of the fish, improve the chance of biting the hook.

Three, the material of the right way to get more fish: string hook fishing can be used both plain bait, can also use meat bait, optimize the fish preferred bait, increase or enhance the concentration of sweet, sweet and fishy bait, in order to stimulate the fish's appetite, promote its bite hook.

Four, hook first bait: hook fishing is a lot of fun, but more trouble is to wear the bait. Fishermen should be prepared in advance, more than a few pay hook, in the fish hook or change bait, to change the bait will not be in a hurry.

Five, dead bait to live the most attract fish: because of the best season of casting rod hook fishing, mostly in the high temperature at the end of spring and summer and the end of autumn. If the angler can change the dead bait to live bait and the static fishing method to dynamic fishing method, it can stimulate the fish's appetite and thus achieve a good catch.