How to maintain the hook


The use and maintenance of fishing hook: sharp hook, for the size of the fish rate is very key, how to keep the sharp hook is a problem that every fisherman must pay attention to.

Before fishing, it is necessary to check whether the hook tip is sharp, whether the barb is suitable, whether the hook line is tied tightly, whether the tying method is correct and so on.

The hook tip is the most important part, to be particularly protected, fishing should pay attention to not make the hook tip contact hard objects, in the grass fishing to try to hang less grass, because the water grass is very easy to blunt the hook tip.

③ After catching a big fish, check whether the hook point is still sharp, if it has been passivated, it should be replaced.

After the use of fishing hook, the surface of the hook should be wiped clean, dry, and coated with a little vegetable oil. Blunt hooks can be sharpened with oil stone.

⑤ Long-term use of fishing hooks, should be placed in a cool and dry place, the best sealed preservation.