【 Fishing line 】 What kind of fish to catch and what kind of line to use (Comparison table)


A common fishing line line number, diameter, tension comparison table

Wire diameter (mm) Tension (kg)

0.40.104 ~ 0.1050.88 ~ 1.33

0.60.1281.51 ~ 1.80

0.80.1481.8 ~ 2.30

10.1652.2 to 3.0

1.20.1812.6 to 3.6

1.50.203 ~ 0.2053.2 ~ 4.5

20.225 ~ 0.2354.10 ~ 5.40

2.50.25 ~ 0.265.1 ~ 6.1

30.2856.0 to 7.2

3.50.309 ~ 0.3106.8 ~ 8.2

40.330 ~ 0.3317.8 ~ 11.2

50.370 ~ 0.3759.9 ~ 13.3

60.375 ~ 0.40511.4 ~ 13.4

Dama wire number, diameter, tension comparison table

Wire diameter (mm) Tension (kg)

0.4 0.104 3.08

0.6 0.127 5.25

0.8 0.147 6.3

1.0 0.162 sub line and binding hook line 6.00kg

1.5 0.202 9.1

2.0 0.234 11.2

3.0 0.284 Main Air Cable 14.35

3.5 0.324 Main line and wind line 27.00kg

4.0 0.329 Main line and wind line 21.00kg

5.0 0.368 23.8

6.0 0.403 27.3

7.0, 0.435, 34.65

8. 0.472 39.9


Because of the different manufacturers, the production line diameter is slightly different, the tension value is not the same.

The knot tension refers to the tension that can be borne by the knot part after tying the tie is less than the table value, and the tension value is greater than the table value without a knot.

This table is not suitable for special wire, special wire.

Two fishing line brief introduction

There are single strand line, twisted yarn, carbon fiber line, ceramic line and nylon line. Color on the white, smoke gray, dark green, black and so on. The following is a rough overview of the performance, purchase, measurement, use, maintenance and replacement of fishing line.

Commonly used fishing line models: Commonly used fishing line models are: Size 0.4 (line diameter 0.104 mm), size 0.6 (0.128 mm), size 0.8 (0.148 mm), size 1 (0.165 mm), size 1.2 (0.185 mm), size 1.5 (0.205 mm), size 2 (0.235 mm), size 2.5 (0.260 mm), size 3 (0.285 mm) ), 3.5 (0.310 mm), 4 (0.330 mm), 5 (0.370 mm)... General white or smoke gray close to water color, its concealment is better.

The type of line used in fishing generally depends on the area of fishing and the target fish. In rivers, rivers, lakes and reservoirs, the line diameter should be thicker; In the fish pond or single intensive carp as the main body of the water, line 1 is the best; In the wild small crucian carp waters, line 0.8 ~ 1.2 is appropriate; In the waters of wily fishing, the thinner the line, the better; A thin line should be used in static waters and a thick line should be used in dynamic waters. In short, use a thick line for big fish and a thin line for small fish. Reasonable use of line, is a link can not be ignored in fishing. In order to increase the rate of fish, experienced anglers, fishing line selection of lower limit, that is, the hook line to small and thin close

Three details of the fishing line

Not long ago, on the Internet to see a netizen reprinted an article on the fishing line pull value, number and other parameters of the comparison table, feel very practical (the specific table you can search, I temporarily not reprinted). From the beginning of fishing, thick and thin, all kinds of fishing line used a lot, there are the following questions hope to communicate with you.

First, the quality of fishing line is different

Will the tension value be affected by different brands, different prices and different manufacturing processes of fishing line? Will the tension value be different in the case of the same wire diameter? It can be one-sided that different manufacturers in the label tension value, for the same wire diameter will have different values. I assume two different situations: 1. In the case of the same length, same diameter and different brands of fishing line, due to the difference in price, for example, compared with 5 yuan a plate of 25 meters of line and 50 yuan a plate of 25 meters of line, the tension value will definitely be different. In the case of the same brand, the pull value of different prices will not be the same. 2, a plate of 25 meters of fishing line, every 5 meters for a root, divided into 5 roots, the 5 roots seem to be the same line, tension value will certainly be different, but its fluctuation range should not be very big.

Two, the color of the fishing line is different

I hadn't noticed whether fish were easy to detect. Red lines, yellow lines, green lines, white lines, black lines, colorless transparent lines and a multicolored line, all of which I have used as main and sublines. I wanted to test which color of line was more likely to catch fish, but it was a bit of a long shot because of the conditions and the incomparability. What I mean is that in the same time period, the same water area and the same fishing point, different colors of line are used to do the experiment respectively. For example, 5 fish are caught in 10 minutes with transparent line, and 3 fish are caught in the following 10 minutes with black line. It cannot be said that black line has less fish than transparent line. In the course of a day's fishing, there are times when you fish fast, and times when you fish slow. Using different colors of fishing line cannot be well verified. This is what I mean by no comparison. Personally, I prefer colorless and transparent sublines. For the main line, many manufacturers now produce colored lines, which shows that the color of the main line has little impact on the fish. As for sublines, I have fished all kinds of colored lines. There is no such thing as a colored line without a fish.

Three, the thickness of fishing line is different

I'm sure you all have your own ways of matching lines. Fishing crucian carp and other small size fish, should choose a thin line, fishing carp and other large size fish, of course, to choose a thick line, of course, this does not exclude some fishermen like small hook fine line broad fish. The thickness of the fishing line affects the sensitivity of the buoy. Personally, the thinner the line, the more exaggerated the buoy signal, whereas the thicker the line, the more conservative the buoy signal. So, will the fish eat the thickness of the line? Crucian carp with the sub-line of 2 and 0.2, can be on the crucian carp. However, the softness of the No.2 subline is different from that of the 0.2 subline. The 0.2 subline is softer, lighter and thinner. When fish take the bait, the soft fishing line can be sucked more smoothly. Therefore, individuals tend to prefer soft, light and thin sublines, which are more favorable for fishing. General fishing crucian carp I use 0.2-0.4 line, this line is soft, feel very handy fishing crucian carp. In addition, the flexibility, extension, cut water of the thread are very important, there is a chance to talk about it in the future.

Four fishing line analysis

The earliest fishing line market, in fact, is the same as fishing rod, very simple, at that time, several major domestic fishing line manufacturers are basically not factories but businesses, so there were few pure fishing line manufacturers, later, a group of Taiwan headed by Liao Xinyang, Xiao Chunping entered, so that Taiwan line in the domestic sales of a good performance, and the history of fishing line is a real earthquake, We must credit a group of merchants in Zhejiang, who brought the fishing line into a real Warring States period. It is also them that let consumers in the competitive situation, get a lot of good quality products, here to the new era of fishing gear Zhejiang merchants salute, of course, the current market, we can not forget that there is a fishing line manufacturing group, that is made in Sichuan. Here also to say to you: hard! As for the other new-age manufacturers who are doing their best in fishing line, it's too big a deal to be dealt with (but it's mostly just the packaging of Big New Line), so to all of them, good business!

Fishing line, a link with a fishing friend, a lovely fish, a good line let many fishing friends dreamily, here on my little understanding of the fishing line to throw a brick.

The current fishing line market is more complex than the fishing rod, for the following reasons:

First, the manufacturing threshold of fishing line is low,

To tell you the truth, I can give you a line (quality may be quite good) for thirty or twenty thousand yuan, which makes it possible for many businesses to invest.

Two, the technical content of fishing line is too little

Comparability is also poor, a fishing line can not be good or bad like a fishing rod in the hand can be obviously felt out, by the most concerned fishing line relay value, basically the most expensive products and the usual road goods pull value will not be 10%, and 10% conscience, usually people with the hand is not felt out, so many times the heart feels quite important, We all say well, as if I can't say bad, such a super tension line is born talking about technology, by the way, the processing of fishing line, like soft processing and so on will basically reduce the tension of fishing line, so please do not believe that all aspects are stronger than other lines of advertising, this is impossible to achieve. In addition, it is necessary to explain that even if the same line, in fact, it is not completely the same wire diameter, the tension is the same, so the same coil of wire it may have different tension, different wire diameter, because when drawing the silk can not be done out of the diameter of the silk is exactly the same, since the raw silk is not the same, the finished product how do you change this situation? In addition, it is important to point out to our friends that the number of the strongest thread is not all stronger than that of other threads, because the most advantageous number of each silk factory is often different, and up to now, there is no single thread that is made of all the strongest yarn in the world. So this often becomes the focus of some businesses or manufacturers to promote, they take out the comparison line or trial line or, often is the same number, in fact, you do not know, the number of their psychological know!

Third, the profit of fishing line is too big

On the current manufacturing level, the cost of any famous line (50 meters) is conservatively estimated, its cost will not exceed 12 yuan, (manufacturing cost, advertising can not be calculated)! You yourself to calculate, you into a famous line spent how much ocean!

As for the domestic fishing line it is estimated that more than 85% of the original silk supplied comes from Daxin (guess). Of course, the same factory also has updated products, and now T90 is its most advanced product on the market. In addition, for the original silk supply, it can give you a more telling situation. For example, Japan's Toyo Fang, it also supplies original silk to Japan's D and S brand.

When it comes to fishing line, one cannot but talk about celebrity line. The strong vitality of this line is indeed a miracle in the online industry. Up to now, sales have declined for various reasons, but as a representative of competitive line, it has played an indelible contribution to the standard of line.

As for the other lines, some are flash in the pan, some are over the bridge, some with the decline of the manufacturer or manufacturer, so far, it is hard to find a product that I remember

How to choose the right fishing line

All lines break, but almost 80% of them are caused by user factors, such as not checking the line for damage after fishing for a while, and not taking into account how far the line is pulled at the knot.

Classification of fishing line:

1. Nylon wire (traditional wire, four-color wire) The manufacturing process of nylon wire is generally made of resin processing and drawing silk (traditional wire) and other materials such as color (four-color wire) are added to the finished product. Its characteristics are that it has better ductility and elasticity.

2, carbon plastic line: in the manufacturing process to add carbon, so that it is wear-resistant, but the malleability is poor, because its specific gravity is greater than the general gravity of water, so its cutting water is better, suitable for rock fishing (wear-resistant), and its specific gravity of the characteristics, so it is also accepted by the pool fishing, and its texture is hard, used for boat fishing of the first line or tie Shi hanging group (inverted hanging)

3, steel wire: generally take multiple strands woven, single strand texture is hard, easy to break when damaged, multiple strands texture is soft, suitable for general fishing, to prevent the bite of the line.

4, braided wire: (wiring, fire line, fusion line) wiring: by a plurality of braided, has a better tension value, but the initial wiring is not covered with film, easy to absorb water, maintenance is not easy, but its wear resistance and high tension value is better, widely accepted by boat fishermen, but the water cut is poor. Firewire: multi-strand braided wire, in the manufacturing process, each share of the thin wire to add film, can prevent water absorption, good cutting water, but the damaged part is easy to form hairy ball, it is easier to break, hard texture. Fusion line: add film coating on the woven fabric line, and add multiple strands of nylon wire in the process of wire drawing, its purpose is to obtain the wiring of high tensile value and wear resistance, affected by the addition of nylon wire, this line is softer than the general wiring, good recovery.

5. Synthetic wire (submerged water line, floating water line, medium through rod line) In the manufacturing process of nylon wire, other materials are added to the finished product, such as floating material (floating water line), suitable for rock fishing, sinking material (submerged water line) for pool fishing, oily material (medium through rod line) and resin processing and adding tensile material (casting line), etc.

(1) fire, test its carbon content.

(2) Friction after straightening, test its wear resistance.

(3) Inertia of reply.

(4) Knot strength (damage).

How to choose a high quality fishing line

Fishing line is an indispensable tool for everyone fishing, how to choose a high quality fishing line? High price is not necessarily a good thing, want to buy a good fishing line must master some knowledge, will be satisfied!

Viewed from the outside, fishing line can be divided into "line" and "silk." Thread is made of two or more strands of single yarn or silk, and silk is the only one. The production method of fishing wire is usually to melt the raw material, extruded from the special spinneret hole, and processed by cooling, drawing and winding. The fishing line made in this way is transparent, with small elongation and strong tension, especially suitable for use as fishing line. Moreover, the internal structure of the line is tight and consistent, so its strength is proportional to the cross-sectional area of the line. We usually use fishing line, most of the monofilament is made by melting method, opaque nylon line is particularly easy to stick to water, has rarely been used as fishing line. Therefore, what we usually call fishing line should be called fishing line, but it is customary to call fishing line fishing line, there is no reason why not.

Fishing friends often call the fishing line nylon wire, and the nylon line called nylon line, some newspapers and periodicals also appear this kind of error, is really inconceivable.

The relationship between nylon and nylon, like Zhuge Liang and Kong Ming is a person, but the name, the name is different. Nylon, nylon is a kind of material, is a polyamide