How to protect the fishing rod


When you've got a rod you want, it's natural to line it. Many fishermen are afraid of breaking line run fish, try to buy a little thick fishing line, which does not know the rod is a certain bearing capacity, fishing line tension if greatly exceeds the rod bearing capacity, easy to cause the broken line run fish. Therefore, it is not blind wiring, must consult good (main line, sub-line) best line number and do not exceed the range of collocation.

In the process of fishing, it is inevitable that there will be some hook hanging bottom phenomenon, in this case, do not force upward, it is easy to break the rod, but should be put the rod flat, so that the rod, line, hook form a straight line, holding the rod slowly backward, until the foreign body will be pulled out of the river bottom, at most the line is broken, and will not damage the fishing rod.

The end of fishing rod, should be in the opposite order of pumping rod section by section recovery, if you do not pay attention to, it is very easy to appear before a few sections automatically slide down to the front port of a section, just resist the penultimate second section of the phenomenon, many fishing friends think that the penultimate section is too tight to recover, so the rod hard to the ground, resulting in the two sections like bamboo poles tear each other, Cause undue loss.

There is also a case where the rod slips down slightly and then retract the next few sections, which will result in a slight dislocation and drill into the sandwich of the last two sections, which will also cause damage to the fishing rod.

According to statistics, the above two kinds of situation is the most important cause of rod damage, accounting for more than half of the proportion of rod damage. Sometimes these conditions will occur when you buy a good rod before leaving the shop or enjoy the fishing rod at home. Those who do not know what is going on are often to blame the poor quality of the fishing rod, but ignore their own wrong operation procedures for collecting the rod. If the first few sections slide into the situation, you can tilt the rod mouth downward, the first few sections out, and then recover section by section.