How to choose the fishing point of reservoir?


As the old saying goes: three points to tune, seven points to catch. Choose good fishing is expected to harvest, otherwise not much fish, even "bald".

To select a good fishing position, one should first be familiar with the topography, water conditions, fish's living habits, activity rules, and depth of fishing point, and then combine with practical experience to select a good fishing position according to local conditions.


Most reservoirs are built in the mountains, between the mountains, the use of high valleys deep, open favorable terrain in the valley, in the mouth of the dam flood water storage. Its typical features are water depth, open water surface and complex underwater topography. Due to the annual drought and flood control, the water level changes greatly. Therefore, the activity range, return route and foraging site of fish change with the change of seasons. If you want to catch fish, you must understand the topography, water conditions, and fish activities and foraging characteristics.

The reservoir is a vast area of water with complex topography and wide disparity in depth. The fish are few and scattered. Because there is no food to feed, the fish can only search for natural food. The deepest places are short of food and under great pressure from the water. In shallow waters, suspicious wild fish are not only afraid of people's fishing, but also afraid of people's disturbance, feel very insecure.

The fish of the reservoir live mainly in the gentle slopes, flat depressions, and the depressions where rocks are found under the water and connected with the branches of the ditches. These places are rich in silt, have a large number of microbial reproduction, also can deposit a variety of food, fish must visit. The confluence of deep gullies in the water is a necessary route for fish migration.

There is a bay and water grass place is a good fishing point for spring fishing, the bay generally has one or several deep gully, gully rich in food, water quality is clear, high dissolved oxygen water temperature is suitable, attracting a large number of fish to forage. Where there is water grass, the water is generally shallow, water grass buds and attached plankton, aquatic insects and other objects, attract a large number of fish again foraging, spawning. Submerged in the water of the old road is also the fish love to go to the place, fishing in this place must do big nest, long nest to keep the fish, the implementation of fixed point fishing, the effect is more prominent. The old river is also the fish must go to the place, often by the fish friends under the hook, culture area, are the fish nostalgia "Feng shui treasure". The intersection of clear and muddy water, because of the opacity, high concealment, rich food, often can also attract a large number of fish activities in this area. The selection point is inseparable from the change of seasons, and the south and the north are not exactly the same. "Spring fishing beach" is in the southern waters, about one meter is a good fishing point, such as in the large and medium-sized reservoirs in the north, the selection point is much more complicated.

Spring fishing, the water level is stable, little change, fishing point should be chosen in the middle and upper gully branch, where there is sparse grass, that is the most ideal hand-rod fishing spot. "Beginning of spring", the water temperature rises slowly, the south fishing can be in the relatively flat backwaters, where the water is not too deep, the water temperature rises quickly under the sunlight, the fish first appear the appropriate temperature, and warm habit of fish, swim here for food, these gentle, slightly uneven bottom, become the best fishing points in the South spring fishing. In the north, the best fishing is delayed until mid-spring or late spring.

On both sides of the big gully branch, the shoreline is relatively flat, mostly gentle hilly terrain. The shore has been washed out by the wind and rain for a long time, the wind and waves have formed layers of stairs. When the water level rises, it becomes the bottom of the reservoir, and when it falls, it becomes the shore again. The flooded steps had deposited large quantities of food carried by the rain,

This is the ideal fishing point, some fishermen once occupied such a position, a fishing is a few days or even a long, catch a large number of fish species and individuals are also large. The convex point of the straight bank is the only way for fish to migrate and forage. In this place, the harvest is a foregone conclusion. Some straight bank in the middle of a big bay, the shore is washed out of the beach, shallow water, if the water depth of more than 3 meters of sandy water, is also rare good fishing position, so the wind and waves brought a large number of floating objects, plankton, and so on, has become the most important place for fish to chase foraging, often big fish out of the water.

For flood control or irrigation, water is often released from the reservoir, and the water level drops quickly. As the water level drops gradually, some favorable terrain for fishing is revealed. It is best to keep in mind that the water side topography can help you find the hiding places for fish.

As the saying goes, "who drops an inch, fish back a foot", during the water level drops, you have to choose the fishing point in the deep water, shallow water is difficult to catch fish.

In the summer and autumn, the flowing waters in the deep water areas on both sides of the sandy big gully turnout, flood sluice gate and drainage tunnel are the best fishing spots for silver carp, bighead carp and big grass carp. After the arrival of the rainy season, the water level gradually rises, the swelling fish move to the side, because the rain brings more food into the water, the fish are near the shore, inlets, submerged grass, crops and other places to swim for food, with a short pole in the shore fishing, catch quite a lot, but the bait is small fish. If you use a long pole or a casting pole in the shoals where weeds are scarce, the hook is more than kg big guy.

The water level of large and medium-sized reservoirs changes obviously several times a year, and fish are more sensitive to the change of water level. When the water level drops, the undercurrent surges in the reservoir, causing fish to panic and gradually leave the bank and go out into deep water. The foraging and fishing spots should be located in the far, deep and complicated places with rock DAMS, earthen ridges and large pits at the bottom. Formed the size of the stream, the flood brought a large number of insects, grass seeds, humus and microorganisms and other food, in these water intakes, are good places for fishing, often in the coastal waters of the big guys swimming for food. As the water level rises, it subtracts the crops and weeds. If you find the right spot, you can catch the big fish. There are many small fish on the shore and many big fish on the far shore. It is common sense to choose a beach when the water rises and a pool when the water falls.

The inlet and outlet of the reservoir is a good fishing point. Most fish like to swim upstream, and the fishing location should be in the migration bay or the place with slow current. The place where floating objects are stranded on the water surface is also a good fishing point. If you fish in the shallows, you have to look for deep pits in order to catch more fish. If you can choose a place with sand bottom during the period, you will be sure to return with a full load. Old river is the fish love to forage, habitat if you can find the old river, cast here, harvest will be assured.

In the windward place, the water contains high oxygen content. Meanwhile, the wind and waves bring humus, insects, grass seeds and microorganisms along the shore into the water. The waters along the shore are relatively muddy, and the food sources are relatively rich.

According to the activity rules and habits of fish, fish always take advantage of the favorable terrain to avoid the enemy and human killing.

Combine different periods of water. Fish. Terrain to choose the fishing spot. Different waters, different species of fish, their living habits and activity rules are also different, that is, in the same area, in different seasons, at different times, the activity rules and living habits of fish also have changes, different weather has a great impact on the various rules of fish. In the choice of fishing point, according to the fish's unique activity law and weather conditions, flexible use, in order to choose the best fishing position...

When the weather is normal, fish tend to forage in the morning and evening, and swim to deep water at noon. In the evening, cunning big fish and fish that are afraid of the light swim to the shore to forage in a quiet environment and under the cover of darkness, which forms the first foraging peak at night. After 8pm to 9pm, the fish move offshore into deep water, as they do in normal weather. Therefore, it is sensible to pick points near shore when night fishing.