How to untangle a fishing line

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2022/12/28 13:31

Sometimes baitfish and luya can cause the line to become tangled, making it impossible for you to continue fishing. Here's how to untangle a fishing line.

Operation steps:

1. If the angler is a boat fisherman, then after the occurrence of winding, the fishing rod is placed on the rod handle, the winding part of the empty.

2. Remove all small accessories from the fishing line.

3. Open the safety on the fishing reel and begin to release the line. The line must go through all the holes in the rod and reel.

4. Put the fishing line into the water while the boat is running. The friction of the water will gradually pull the line out of the reel.

5. Let out as much line as possible, if necessary, beyond the point of entanglement, and then close the safety. Maybe a few dozen meters of line will be released.

6. Let the line float behind the stern for a few minutes. The current will help you unhook it.

7. Line the fishing line into the fishing line wheel. At this time, the winding line is no longer winding and becomes straight.

A few tips:

1. Pay attention to whether there are other ships around when setting the line. If the line goes a few dozen meters, it can easily be cut by other boats.

2. Ship speed is not important to the whole operation process, as long as it exceeds idling speed. At idling speed, the current cannot pull the line out of the reel.


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