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How to Maintain a Fishing Rod?

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2019/03/06 14:18
After buying a satisfactory fishing rod, the nature should match fishing line. Many fishing friends afraid of broken line run fish, try to buy a little thick fishing line, which do not know the rod is a certain bearing, fishing line tension if greatly more than the rod bearing, extremely easy to cause broken line run fish. Reason cannot blind wiring, must consult good (main line, child line) optimal line number and the limits that do not exceed will undertake matching.
In the process of fishing, it is hard to avoid some phenomenon of hanging the bottom of the hook, in this case, do not force up, it is easy to cause broken rod, but the rod should be laid flat, so that the rod, line, hook form a straight line, holding the rod slowly back, until the foreign bodies at the bottom of the river will be pulled out, at most to break the line, without damaging the rod.
End of the fishing rod, pumping rod of the opposite order should be back by day, if do not pay attention to, appear easily a few day before automatic sliding down to the port before one day, just to resist not withdraw the phenomenon of the reciprocal of the second quarter, many DiaoYou thought is the penultimate day pull too hard difficult to recover, so the rod and crashed to the ground, and as a result, the two like splitting a bamboo pole tearing each other, there should be no damage.
In another case, the rod slides down slightly and then retracts the following sections, resulting in dislocation of the rod and drilling into the interlayer of the latter two sections, which may also cause damage to the rod.
According to statistics, the above two kinds of situations occurred when collecting the rod are the most important cause of rod damage, accounting for more than half of the proportion of rod damage. Sometimes these conditions will occur before the purchase of the fishing rod has not left the shop or at home to enjoy the fishing rod, the uninformed people tend to blame the poor quality of the fishing rod, but ignore their own wrong fishing rod operation procedures. If the first few sections slide in, the culm mouth can be tilted downward, the first few sections out, and then one by one back. When fishing for the fierce prey sea fish, the choice of false bait fishing has unique advantages and fishing fun. In the breakwater or slope reef, rocky edge and other fishing point, we need to take the horizontal drag false bait to avoid hanging bottom, should choose shallow submersible floating road sub. Change the rhythm of the pull on the water surface to lure the fish to the bait.
In the deep field or surface rocks, reefs fishing point, the choice of large tongue plate deep-diving type floating bait.
The characteristics of the suspended bait are that it can be suspended at any depth in the water. With this feature, we can search for the object fish in the water layer by layer by means of dragging. At this time, the fake bait simulates the injured dying small bait fish to attract the object fish to take the bait.
When the wind is strong and the tide is strong, the false bait with large dead weight and fast sinking speed should be selected to make it convenient to cast and reach the target fishing layer. When we set the fish in the bottom layer as the target fish, the first choice is the lead hook or iron sequins and other submerged bait, but should pay attention to prevent false bait hanging on the bottom.