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How to Select a Fishhook

Trade News
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2019/03/06 14:16
The proper use and maintenance of fishing gear, which is widely used in fishery production, is of great significance for reducing costs, improving economic benefits and extending the service life. To do a good job in the storage of fishing gear, first of all, the physical and chemical properties of various fishing gear should be understood. For example, some production units put the nylon and nylon mesh in the open air for a long time, resulting in a decline in the strength of the wire, reduce the use of fishing gear, often cause greater economic losses. Therefore, the storage and maintenance of fishing gear should pay attention to the following points:
The hook is the key to fishing, so the choice and maintenance of the hook is very important.
(1) hook selection: which hook to choose, must be carefully considered.
(1) according to the type of fish hook: fish species, hook is not the same. Crucian carp, such as: it small mouth, thin lips, mild sex, should use a small, thin hook hook; Carp: its mouth, lip thickness, strength, should be used hook door wide, hook bottom deep, hook hook thick hook. Some hook by species name, such as carp hook, carp hook, is considered these characteristics.
(2) by the size of the fish to choose the hook: with a small hook can also catch a big fish, but can not catch a small fish with a big hook. Therefore, the basic principle of the hook should be small rather than large. But also according to the situation of fish, water and other measures to choose the hook.
According to the fishing tackle to choose the hook: different fishing tackle, the hook is also different. If the hand rod fishing, it is appropriate to use the hook point and hook parallel hook; Sea pole, pull weight fishing, it is appropriate to use a short handle, hook tip of the hook, the hook is easy to swallow the entrance, and not easy to hook.
(2) hook selection method
Appearance: the appearance of the whole week, hook uniform thickness, smooth surface, consistent color.
(2) hook point: must be sharp, you can gently touch the hook point, if there is a feeling of sticky hand is sharp.
(3) agnail: agnail location near hook tip, opening Angle 25 ° to 30 ° as well. Barb is too low, too long, too much Angle is not easy to barb fish; On the contrary, it is easy to decouple.
(4) hook handle: hook handle size, thickness should be appropriate. Too small, tied hook line easily loose; Too thin, it is easy to cut off the hook line.
Strength and toughness: hold the hook tip with your hand to push and pull inward and outward, if the hook is found broken or bent, it should be abandoned. Before storage, the hook should be cleaned, sharpened, and coated with anti-rust oil, and then stored in a dry place.
(2) the storage place shall maintain air circulation without direct sunlight. For small number of small size of fishing gear, can be tied to hang on the roof beam. Large quantities of fishing gear should be stored in a warehouse with a high foundation and good ventilation.
(3) check frequently during storage. When the weather is sunny and the air is dry, open the doors and Windows of the warehouse to circulate the air. In case of rain or high temperature, the doors and Windows of the warehouse should be tightly closed, do not open at will. In rainy season or hot summer, we should pay more attention to the warehouse, because the net and rope made of plant fiber are prone to mildew. In the storehouse must pay attention to kills the insect, the mouse and so on the work.
(4) although synthetic fibers have better corrosion resistance than plant fibers, some synthetic fibers, such as acrylic fiber and polyamide fiber, will also produce mold spots and material strength will be affected under the condition of high temperature and high humidity for a long time. So these with synthetic fiber made of fishing gear should also pay attention to ventilation and drying. Synthetic fiber most of the lack of good resistance to light performance, do not use this kind of material made of fishing gear in the sun for a long time. Some synthetic fiber mesh should not be excessively folded and bent, so as not to affect the strength of the wire, reduce the number of years of use.
(5) during or after the operation, the fishing gear should be washed and the sundries removed, which is not only closely related to the fishing effect, but also of great importance to the protection of fishing gear. If you do not clear the debris attached to the mesh, to work, the mesh will be torn due to uneven force.