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[Fishing Line] Fishing Lines for Fish (Comparison Table)

Trade News
Release time:
2019/03/06 14:15
The proper use and maintenance of fishing gear, which is widely used in fishery production, is of great significance for reducing costs, improving economic benefits and extending the service life. To do a good job in the storage of fishing gear, first of all, the physical and chemical properties of various fishing gear should be understood. For example, some production units put the nylon and nylon mesh in the open air for a long time, resulting in a decline in the strength of the wire, reduce the use of fishing gear, often cause greater economic losses. Therefore, the storage and maintenance of fishing gear should pay attention to the following points:
The hook is the key to fishing, so the choice and maintenance of the hook is very important.
(1) hook selection: which hook to choose, must be carefully considered.
(1) according to the type of fish hook: fish species, hook is not the same. Crucian carp, such as: it small mouth, thin lips, mild sex, should use a small, thin hook hook; Carp: its mouth, lip thickness, strength, should be used hook door wide, hook bottom deep, hook hook thick hook. Some hook by species name, such as carp hook, carp hook, is considered these characteristics.
(2) by the size of the fish to choose the hook: with a small hook can also catch a big fish, but can not catch a small fish with a big hook. Therefore, the basic principle of the hook should be small rather than large. But also according to the situation of fish, water and other measures to choose the hook.
According to the fishing tackle to choose the hook: different fishing tackle, the hook is also different. If the hand rod fishing, it is appropriate to use the hook point and hook parallel hook; Sea pole, pull weight fishing, it is appropriate to use a short handle, hook tip of the hook, the hook is easy to swallow the entrance, and not easy to hook.
(2) hook selection method
Appearance: the appearance of the whole week, hook uniform thickness, smooth surface, consistent color.
(2) hook point: must be sharp, you can gently touch the hook point, if there is a feeling of sticky hand is sharp.
(3) agnail: agnail location near hook tip, opening Angle 25 ° to 30 ° as well. Barb is too low, too long, too much Angle is not easy to barb fish; On the contrary, it is easy to decouple.
(4) hook handle: hook handle size, thickness should be appropriate. Too small, tied hook line easily loose; Too thin, it is easy to cut off the hook line.
Strength and toughness: hold the hook tip with your hand to push and pull inward and outward, if the hook is found broken or bent, it should be abandoned. Before storage, the hook should be cleaned, sharpened, and coated with anti-rust oil, and then stored in a dry place.
(2) the storage place shall maintain air circulation without direct sunlight. For small number of small size of fishing gear, can be tied to hang on the roof beam. A common line number, diameter, tension comparison table
Wire diameter (mm) tension (kg)
0.40.104 ~ 0.1050.88 ~ 1.33
0.60.1281.51 ~ 1.80
0.80.1481.8 ~ 2.30
10.1652.2 ~ 3.0
1.20.1812.6 ~ 3.6
1.50.203 ~ 0.2053.2 ~ 4.5
20.225 ~ 0.2354.10 ~ 5.40
2.50.25 ~ 0.265.1 ~ 6.1
30.2856.0 ~ 7.2
3.50.309 ~ 0.3106.8 ~ 8.2
40.330 ~ 0.3317.8 ~ 11.2
50.370 ~ 0.3759.9 ~ 13.3
60.375 ~ 0.40511.4 ~ 13.4
Strong horse line number, diameter, tension comparison table
Wire diameter (mm) tension (kg)
0.4 0.104 3.08
0.6 0.127 5.25
0.8 0.147 6.3
1.0.162 sub-thread and binding line 6.00kg
1.5 0.202 9.1
2.0 0.234 11.2
Main wind line
3.5 main line of 0.324 and wind line of 27.00kg
Main line and wind line are 21.00kg
5.0 0.368 23.8
6.0 0.403 27.3
7.0 0.435 34.65
8.0 0.472 39.9
Because manufacturer is different, the wire diameter that produces differs slightly, pull value is different also.
Knot tension refers to the tension value that can be borne by the knotted part after fastening is less than this table value, and the tension value without knot is greater than this table value.
This table is not suitable for special wire, special wire.
Two fish line brief introduction
There are single strand wire, twisted wire, carbon fiber wire, ceramic wire and nylon wire. Colour and lustre has Ben white, smoke gray, dark green, black to wait. Below the performance of the line, purchase, measurement, use, maintenance and replacement, a rough overview.
Commonly used line models: the commonly used types are: the line no. 0.4 (wire diameter 0.104 mm), 0.6 (0.128 mm), 0.8 (0.148 mm), 1 (0.165 mm), 1.2 (0.185 mm), 1.5 (0.205 mm), no. 2 (0.235 mm), 2.5 (0.260 mm), 3 (0.285 mm), 3.5 (0.310 mm), no. 4 (0.330 mm), 5 (0.370 mm)... This white or smoke gray is close to water color commonly, its concealment sex is better.
What type of fishing line is required for fishing, generally depending on the fishing area and the target fish. In river, river, lake, reservoir waters, line diameter should be thicker; In the fish pond or a single refined crucian carp as the main body of water, line 1 is preferred; In the wild small crucian carp waters, 0.8 ~ 1.2 line is appropriate; In fishing water, the thinner the better; Fine lines should be used in static waters and thick lines in dynamic waters. In short, catch the big fish with the thick line, catch the small fish with the thin line. Rational use of a good line, fishing is not to be ignored in a link. In order to increase the catch rate, experienced anglers, fishing line more choose the lower limit, that is, the line to small and fine close
Three details about the fishing line
Not long ago, on the net saw a netizen reprint about the fishing line pull value, number and other parameters comparison table, feel very practical (specific table you can search, I temporarily do not reprint). From the beginning of fishing, thick fine, all kinds of fishing line used a lot, there are the following several issues and we hope to communicate.
One, the quality of fishing line is different
Will the pull value be affected? Different brands, different prices, different techniques of the manufacturer to produce fishing wire, under the same wire diameter, will the pull value be different? It can be one-sided to think that different manufacturers will have different values for the same wire diameter when marking the tensile value. I assume two different situations: 1. Under the same length, same thread diameter and different brands of fishing line, due to the different prices, for example, the pull value of 25 meters of thread for 5 yuan and 50 yuan of thread for 25 meters will definitely be different. In the case of the same brand, the pull value of different prices will not be the same. 2, a plate of 25 meters of fishing line, every 5 meters for a, divided into five, the five seemingly the same line, the pull value will certainly be different, but its fluctuation amplitude should not be very big.
Two, the color of the fishing line is different
Are fish easy to detect? I didn't notice that question in the past. Red line, yellow line, green line, white line, black line, colorless transparent line and a colorful line. I wanted to test which color of line was easier to catch, but I was limited by the conditions and the comparability was not great. I said no comparability, is at the same time, the same waters, fishing and so on are the same, use different color line, respectively, to do the test, such as with transparent fish caught five fish, 10 minutes for the next 10 minutes with black thread caught 3 fish, no black line is not transparent online more fish. In the fishing process of a day, some fishing time is fast, some time is slow, with different colors of fishing line can not be very good to verify, this is what I said there is no comparability. Personally, I prefer colorless and transparent sublines. For the main line, many manufacturers now produce colored lines, indicating that the color of the main line has little difference on the impact of fish. For the sub line, all kinds of colors of the line I have caught fish, there is no colored line on the fish.
Three, the thickness of the line is different
Whether the fish can also be aware of it I believe that everyone has their own way of matching the lines. When fishing carp and other small fish, should choose a thin line, fishing carp and other large fish when of course to choose a thicker line, of course this does not exclude some fishing friends like small hook fine line fish. The thickness of the line affects the sensitivity of the buoy. Personally, the thinner the line, the more exaggerated buoy signal, on the contrary, the thicker the line buoy signal more conservative. So, does the thickness of the thread feed the fish? Use no.2 sub line and no.2 sub line to catch carp, carp can be on. However, the softness of no.2 is different from that of no. 0.2. The softness of no. 0.2 is softer, lighter and thinner. As a result, individuals tend to prefer soft, light, thin threads, which are more favorable for fishing. General fishing carp I use 0.2-0.4 line, the line is soft, feel very handy fishing carp. In addition, the flexibility of the line, extension, cutting water is very important, there is an opportunity to talk.
Four fish line analysis
First line market, it is like fishing rod, very simple, the domestic several big line of business are not generally factory but merchants, so at that time, few have pure line factory, then by Liao Xinyang, Xiao Chunping led a group of Taiwanese's presence, let line in Taiwan on domestic sales of sang a drama, and the line in the history of real earthquake, we must be attributed to a group of businessmen in zhejiang province, they brought the line into a real of the warring states period, is them, let the consumer under the competition situation, got a lot of good quality products, in this era of fishing gear to the new zheshang tribute, of course, the current market, We also can not forget that there is a fishing line manufacturing group, that is made in sichuan. In this also together say to you: laborious! As for the other new age manufacturers who are working on the fishing line because it is too involved to be able to do it all (but basically it's just a replacement for the new line), I wish all of them a brisk business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fishing line, a link with a friend, a lead a lovely fish, a good line so many fishing friends soul entangles, in this little bit of my understanding of the fishing line throw a brick to attract jade.
The current fishing line market is even more complicated than the fishing rod, for the following reasons:
I. low manufacturing threshold of fishing line
To tell you the truth, I can give you a thread with a price of 320,000 yuan (the quality may be quite good), which makes it possible for many businesses to invest.
Second, the technical content of fishing line is too little
Comparability and difference, the stand or fall of a line can't like fishing rod in hands can obviously feel that with all the attention line relay value, basically the highest interior tension value of the products and is usually not a difference of 10%, and 10% speak conscience, often with the hand feeling is not to come out, so a lot of time feeling pretty important in my heart, everyone said yes, if I can't say that, if the name of a super tension line was born when it comes to technology, by the way, could you want to talk about is, external processing line, like soft handle and so on basic will reduce the tension of the line, So please do not believe that all aspects are better than the other line of advertising, this is impossible to achieve things. There is also necessary to explain is that even if the same line, in fact it is not exactly the same wire diameter, pull the same, so the same plate line it may have different tension, different wire diameter, as the silk cocoons couldn't do when is totally the same diameter, now that come out of the original wire is different, finished products you how to change the status quo? There is also a bit more important as the masses of friends, any one of the most powerful line, it won't be all Numbers are stronger than other line number, because each serial number of the original factory the most advantage often is not the same, but up to now, there is no a line is a combination of all the strongest in the world is the original made in silk, so it is often the focus of some merchants or manufacturers selling, they take out more line, the trial line, tend to be that a few the same number, where you actually know, these a few Numbers they have psychological there!
Third, the profit of fishing line is too big
On present manufacturing level, the cost of any a name line (calculate with 50 meters) conservative estimation, its cost won't exceed 12 yuan completely, (manufacturing cost, advertisement cannot calculate)! You calculate again yourself, you enter a name line to spend how many ocean!
As for the domestic fishing line it is estimated that more than 85% of the filaments supplied come from daxin (guess). , of course, the same factory also has upgrade products, T90 is now also, it listed the top products for strand can give you a more about the facts is like Japan's Oriental lane at the same time it's D and S brand to provide the original silk, so my dear friends, maybe in the debate over your products may be the same shit!
Mention fishing line, can not talk about celebrity line, the strong vitality of this line, really can not be said to be a miracle in the online, so far because of various reasons, sales decline, but as a representative of the competitive line, it has played an indelible contribution to the line standard.
As for the other lines, some are ephemeral, some are crossing the river and folding the bridge, some are declining with the decline of the merchants or manufacturers, until now, it is difficult to find a product that still fresh in my mind
How to choose a suitable fishing line
All lines are broken, but almost 80 percent of them are caused by the user, such as not checking the line for damage after a certain amount of time and not taking the distance of the line into account when drawing the line at the knot.
Classification of fishing line:
1. Nylon thread (traditional thread, four-color thread) the manufacturing process of nylon thread is generally made from resin processed and spun (traditional thread), and other materials such as color (four-color thread) are added to the finished product, which has good ductility and elasticity.
2, TanSu line: carbon is added to the manufacturing process, make its more wear-resisting, but less malleable, because its density is greater than the general proportion of water, its water cut better applicable to Los Angeles (wear), and the proportion of heavier features, so it is acceptable to pool fishing, and it's a hard, used in the ship, the firstborn of fishing line or tie shi hang group (upside-down)
3, steel wire wire: generally take many strands woven, a single strand of a harder texture, easy to break when damaged, more than a soft texture, suitable for the general fishing big things, to prevent biting the child line.
4, woven wire: (wiring, wire, wire) wiring: woven from multiple strands, with a better tension value, but the initial wiring is not coated, easy to absorb water, maintenance is not easy, but its wear resistance and high tension value is good, widely accepted by the boat fishermen, but poor cutting water. Wire: for multi - strand braided wire in the manufacturing process