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Skills for Using String Hooks

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2019/03/06 14:15
The biggest advantage of the hook is that after the hook bait is thrown into the fishing point, there are baits in the upper, middle and lower three swimming layers, and we can fish different swimming layers at the same time. Although the string hook has the above advantages, but it is also the same as other fishing methods, easy to temperature, bait, season, climate and other factors, make the fish eat hook become slow or no fish bite, how to change this state? The author thinks that the following methods can be used:
A, after the first nest fishing: fishing with a string of hooks, unlike the bomb hook, can be fishing while luring, even if the current bite hook frequency is poor, the fish will be more and more baited due to the fishing point. However, the effect of skewers on luring fish, especially for those lakes with sparse big fish, etc. If we use only the bait on the hook, it is unlikely to attract and retain the fish in the spot.
2. There is a difference between the pole in the morning and the pole in the evening: fish have the habit of warming and prefer to live at the bottom of water body in the morning and evening. If you cast a hook in the morning, the closer the lure is to the bottom, the more likely the fish will bite. When there is no fish biting the hook, the angler can change the Angle of the support according to the depth of the fishing water, and try to make the hook bait close to the swimming layer of the fish floating, so as to facilitate the discovery of the fish, improve the chance of biting the hook.
Three, on the way to catch more fish: skewers can be used both baits, also can be used meat baits, preferred bait, increase or enhance the concentration of the bait incense, sweet, fishy, in order to stimulate the appetite of the fish, prompting its bite.
Four, string hook hook bait: string hook fishing is a very interesting thing, but more trouble is to wear the bait. Anglers should be prepared in advance, more than a few sets of hook, hook in the fish or bait, to change the bait hanging in advance will not fuss.
Five, dead bait become live most catch fish: because throw the best season of the rod string hook fishing, mostly in the higher temperature of the late spring and summer and autumn in these hours. If an angler can change a dead bait into a live one, and a static into a dynamic one, it can stimulate the appetite of the fish and achieve a lot.