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How to Untie a Tangled Line

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2019/03/06 14:13
The use and maintenance of the hook: the sharpness of the hook, for the fish rate is critical, how to maintain the sharpness of the hook is a problem that every angler must pay attention to.
(1) before fishing, the hook used by the hook is sharp, barb is appropriate, tied hook line is tied tight, fastening method is correct, etc., must be checked one by one.
(2) hook point is the most important part, to special protection, fishing to pay attention not to make the hook point contact with hard objects, in the grass fishing should be as little as possible hanging grass, because the water grass is easy to blunt hook point.
Sometimes bait fish and ruia can cause lines to become tangled, making it impossible to continue fishing. Here's how to untangle the tangled lines.
Operation steps:
1, if the angler is a boat fishing, then after the occurrence of winding, the fishing rod is placed on the rod handle, the winding part is empty.
2. Remove all the accessories from the fishing line.
3. Open the insurance on the fishing line pulley and start releasing the fishing line. The line must go through all the holes in the rod and reel.
4. Put the fishing line into the water while the boat is running. The friction of the water gradually pulls the line out of the reel.
5. Release as much line as possible. If necessary, release any line beyond the coiling point and close the safety. There may be dozens of meters of line coming out.
Let the line float aft for a few minutes. The current will help you unhook the line.
7, fishing line income fishing line wheel, this time the line has no winding winding, become straight.
1. Pay attention to whether there are other ships around when setting out. If the line is released a few dozen meters, it can easily be cut by other boats.
2. The speed of the ship is not important for the whole operation process, as long as it exceeds the idling speed. At idle speed, the current cannot pull the line out of the reel.
When the hook is finished, clean and dry the surface of the hook and apply a little vegetable oil. Blunt hooks may be sharpened with oil stone.
(5) long-term use of the hook, should be placed in a cool and dry place, the best sealed preservation.
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